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Video Blog and Podcast showcases the Navigational Journey towards heart ascension and the creation of Meka's New Heart Healing Album......

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Our Healing Journeys Together

Global Meditation 11-11

The 3 Waves of Volunteers

Working with Your Emotions

Transmuting Trauma

Interview with paranormal author Andre Diniz

Nataraja talks about Cancel Culture

Connecting to your Spirit Guides

The Ascension Process

Meka performs her award winning song BREAK from her MAD to LOVE album & discusses trauma healing

Interview with Magical Michelle - "The Magic is in the Details"

Magical Michelle joins us to discuss Ascension 

When Bad Things Happen

Meka offers her New Moon insights for Jan. 2021

Sovereignty! You can say No More!

I choose something else!

What is 5D? What is Shamanic Journey work? How can you raise your Frequency?

Comparing Motivation and Will Power

Creator of The Giving Game - Heather Noel

New Earth Series Episode 1

Building Or New Earth

New Earth Series Episode 2

Discussing Playfulness w/TaraShea

Heart Healing Album - Updates with Meka

Healing & Poetry w/Hyejung Cook

Building Community in New Earth Episode 3

Essence of Play - New Earth Series Episode 4 with TaraShea Ananda