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Ms. Meka Nism


Ms. Meka Nism is a vivacious and compassionate energy worker, spiritual life coach and rock musician, best known for her alternative metal band Meka Nism. She has studied sound healing, Japanese Butoh Dance, Thetta Healing, Reiki, and Shamanism in the Peruvian, Siberian, Brazilian, and Celtic traditions. Her music and performance art often intersects with her spiritual energy work. She incorporates themes healing and empowerment into her rock, metal, punk, folk, acoustic, and electronic music.


Her mission is to remember and remind fellow beings of their greatest potential, natural healing abilities, and superpowers of manifestation and the courage to create happiness and love. She is currently working on a Heart Healing album that is being documented by the Ascended Heart Navigators podcast and website.


Nataraja Shristi


A life's work in healing myself, looking at the shadows of my life, family and ancestral wounding. I have been on an active path of personal healing for nearly 13 years where my awakening started on a journey back-packing, traveling and living in Latin America for three years. 


I am a community activist and leader having started The Red Tent Project and Fair Trade Organization and Local Food organizations in Florida, herbalist and medicine maker, with a  Masters Degree in International Development from the University of Amsterdam. I am a Planet wanderer and traveler  having lived and traveled in Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe and now proud mother of a magical 6 year old.   


I have studied with a second generation Siberian Shaman, trained in Thetta Healing, Reiki,  herbalism, Cannabis Therapy, Permaculture Design and Co-Founder of Gnomad University and Ascended Heart Navigators. I am trained as a Mentor by Heather Noel of The Giving Game Foundation.